Picture of Green Gazing Globes in pots
Red Gazing Globe
Picture of Blue Gazing Globe floating in pond
Amethyst Gazing Gobe

Emerald Green

Sapphire Blue


Gazing Globes

Available in 2 sizes:

Available in 4 colours:


These beautiful handcrafted Gazing Globes are made from mouth-blown glass with a stunning iridescent finish. Ideally suited for all outdoor spaces, from a roof terrace to the largest garden, Gazing Globes are a unique gift for those who love outdoor living.


Use in pots or directly in flowerbeds, or float in ponds and pools to add that designer touch. Quality fused glass poses no threat to wildlife and ensures colours remain vibrant.


Each globe is individually boxed with full details of the origins of gazing globes. The product is supported by point of sale material ensuring successful sales for stockists.