Oil Lamps

A wide selection of attractive Oil Lamps for use around the Garden and Home. Long lasting oil is a great choice for lamps, especially in the garden where they keep burning, even in a breeze!

R-OL - Oil Lamp

A stunning table-standing Oil Lamp with iridescent finish.

Available in 5 colours.       Size: 120mm diameter.       Individually boxed

R-OL Emerald Green

R-OL2 - Pebble Oil Lamp

A stylish table-standing Oil Lamp in clear colours with a textured finish.

Available in 5 colours.  Size: 120mm diameter. Individually boxed

R-OL/D - Single Stem Oil Lamp

The single stem oil lamps with an iridescent finish look great in pairs, in groups or just on their own.

Available in 5 colours. Size: 110mm height.  Individually boxed

R-OL/D Emerald Green


R-OL Amethyst
R-OL White
R-OL Red
R-OL Sapphire Blue
R-OL/D Amethyst
R-OL/D White
R-OL/D Red
R-OL/D Sapphire Blue